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History of St. Petersburg

We invite you to take part in an educational excursion "History of Russian Culture"

The program of the tour will get acquaint you with the main periods of history of the Russian culture:

- Old Russian Art;

- Russian art and architecture of the 18-19 centuries;

- Modern Russian art;

- History of Russian theatre and Russian musical culture;

- Russian literature.


You'll be able to enjoy the views of prominent architectural ensembles of the Old Pskov and Novgorod, palaces and parks of St.-Petersburg and its outskirts. The trip to Old Russian towns will inform you about Old Russian icons, fresco painting, wooden architecture, and churches built of white stone of the 12 century. You’ll see the Old towns-fortresses and wonderful Russian landscapes. Active monasteries and temples keep the spiritual culture and traditions of Russia: the walls of Pskov Kremlin have kept the largest in the world seven circled iconostasis in the St. Trinity Cathedral and the visit of the Pskovo-Pechersky monastery will open the mystery of the caves, which are the place of pilgrimage and worship of orthodox Christians since the governing of Ivan IV.


St.-Petersburg welcomes you in its anniversary year. The unique appearance of the city founded by Peter the Great, during 300 years has been established by famous Russian and European architectures. You'll have an opportunity to see the collections of masterpieces of the world in the Hermitage and the Russian Museum. During the pedestrian excursion you may penetrate with the spirit of the Russian literature. You may also visit one of the best theatres in the world - Mariinsky. On the night walk along the channels and rivers of St.-Petersburg the city will open you its other side: the white nights, opened bridges and lightened facades of palaces and cathedrals.


Centre of Cultural Programs unites specialists and professors of St.-Petersburg Governmental University, Academy of Culture, Spiritual Academy, Institute of Russian Literature and other scientific institutions. During your stay in Russia we'll help you to find the answers to all the questions about Russian culture that are interesting for you.



Centre of Cultural Programs

Russia, St.-Petersburg

Program of the tour "History of Russian Culture"


St.-Petersburg - Novgorod - Pskov - St.-Petersburg


1 day. St.-Petersburg

   - The Russian Museum (fine art of Russia 10-20 centuries)

   - Acquaintance with St.-Petersburg.


2 day. Novgorod

   - Novgorod Kremlin, Yaroslavovo Dvorische, Sofiysky Cathedral, Trade side, Churches of the town;

   - Museum of Old Russian arts (icon-painting, sewing);

   - Yuriev monastery;

   - Museum of wooden architecture of Vitoslavlitzy.


3 day. Pskov

   - Pskov Kremlin, St. Trinity Cathedral, churches of the city, Mirozhskiy monastery;

   - Pskovo-Pechorskiy monastery;

   - Izborskaia fortress, Truvorovo Gorodische (site of ancient settlement);


4 day. Pskov

   - Pushkinskie Gory. Mikhailovskoe, Pushkin's country estate,    Svetogorsky monastery, Pushkin's grave.


5 day. St.-Petersburg

   - Excursion "Architectural ensembles of St.-Petersburg";

   - Peter and Paul fortress, prison in Trubetzkoj bastion;

   - lifting to the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral;

   - The Hermitage.


6 day. St.-Petersburg

   - Petrodvoretz, park, fountains, Bolshoy Palace, Monplaisir Palace;

   - night excursion along the rivers and channels of the city,    raising of the bridges.


7 day. St.-Petersburg

   - Excursion "A. Pushkin - life and creation": Pushkin's       flat-museum, pedestrian walk "The last way";

   - Visit to the theatre of Opera and Ballet.


8 day. St.-Petersburg

   - Dostoevsky’s flat-museum;

   - Pedestrian excursion "St.-Petersburg of Dostoevsky’s    characters".


9 day. St.-Petersburg

   - Tsarskoe Selo: Park, Catherine Palace, Alexander Palace;

   - Tsars Lyceum (lyceum where A. Pushkin studied).


10 day. St.-Petersburg

   - Churches of St.-Petersburg. Kazan Cathedral - Peter and Paul Cathedral - Smolny Cathedral - Nikolsky Cathedral - St. Trinity Cathedral - Alexandro Nevskaia Lavra -    Church-on-blood, St. Isaacs' Cathedral, Colonnade.

   - Departure.



The price includes: - Staying in a hotel or hostel;

                   - meal 2 times a day;

                   - transfers and transport service for 6 hours a day, except 7th and 8s days;

                   - tickets to the museums and excursion guides;

                   - a ticket to one of the theaters (Mariinsky, Musorgskogo, Alexanders)



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